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Monday, June 20, 2011

SCG : Crack da code Interactive Exhibition

Apostrophy's installation project 'crack da code', which they designed for thai company SCG building materials. 

the space was on display at the bangkok design festival 2010 and functioned as a game space,as well as a moving landmark during the event. 'crack da code' consisted of 22 vertical inflated tubes standing next to each other, creating a tree-like space. during the day, it created shade and at night, the area consisted of moving light patterns. 
the Pneumatic structural system of the custom-made 3-branch structures were each made of fabric,with a high pressure side channel blower, enabling them to stand upright. a zip under each blower prevented air from coming out of the tube and change its form. T
he game aspect of the installation was created by the client as a means of testing people and the type of room that would best suit them. individuals could answer questions located on each tube,which then led them to the next 'tree' until the player ended up in a square room. once arriving here, the room environment which matched their personalities would be indicated.

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