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Monday, June 20, 2011

Assanee & Wason Concert

It's a concert of a very famous rock Thai band named, Assanee Wasan. L.E.D. tubes were reused in this concert. They were also used in another concert but actually but differently in terms of its form and design concept. LCD screens and L.E.D. tubes were used to create a lighting environment which the pattern of each was according to the song given and this concert is the third that we made and this concert close to the end of year.

 :   Assanee & Wason Keaw-Koi Concert 2010.
Organizer : AV Project Co.,Ltd.
Designer   : Embassy Co.,Ltd.
Art Director  : Apostrophy's The Systhesis Server Co.,Ltd.
LED Programmer :  Apostrophy's The Systhesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Motion graphic  : Apostrophy's + Studio Craftman ship Co.,Ltd

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