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Saturday, November 1, 2008


"THE CURVE WALL" has Lighting designed by Apostrophy's . in CURVE pub ekkamai bkk. Finished at 1 Nov 2008 (Happy halloween day) , wall size : 50 sq. m. we were involved in the whole process from creative, Lighting design, Lighting Scence and Programing etc . We were also join by our guest "K.Uudomkarn Koma(Power bell media)" for Know how. Everyone can see it everyday at CURVE

THE CURVE WALL is permanence interior lighting wall that going to be performing many patterns via the changing L.E.D tube light patterns on the wall which changes many situation. Not only the pattern are shown on the the wall and make it move, it can be mixing as lighting jocky by visual programing scrip interface is connected to 'S developed softwere (by processing)