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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


'S & LECTURE SERIES 1/2008 At Faculty of Architecture and Planning Thammasat university
(AP.TU.) / TCC Land auditorium /

5th August 2008/ TJ.CEE
Chatpaween Treechutchawanwong, announcer from GIZMO.Today

26th August 2008/ Patama Roonrakwit
Community Architects for Shelter and Environment (CASE)

9th September 2008/ Pantavit Lawarounachok
Director of APOSTROPHY'S

16th September 2008/ Michael Freedman,

visiting professor in Urban Design, Thammasat University

Sunday, July 13, 2008


THE CROSS X MOTION SKIN is a moving visual screen on Central World facade for Panasonic that originally has an objective of creating interesting events for people while also promoting the brand Panasonic.The idea is to create a yearly event from the screen and the patterns from the screen can change the whole atmostphere in front of Central World plaza continuously in one year. So it led to the idea of making a seasonal facade which means the patterns change as each season changes.

The facade is going to be performing 4 seasons via the changing fluorescence light patterns on the facade which are rainy, summer, winter and spring seasons and the pattern changes every 4 months. Not only the seasons are shown on the screen and make it move, the digital clock is also put on the screen to be another city clock.


THE CROSS X MOTION SKIN is being constructed at Central World Plaza. It is a lightweight structure screen filled with fluorescence lights performing as a second Central World facade. This second layer structure directly hangs from the building trusses. The idea of using paper clip structure was applied for designing a truss clip structure that holds the slings with the building trusses.

Each sling will again hold the fluorescence lights which each of them has 2 steel plates to lock with two slings at its two ends.

This project is a collaborative project among P'Chy (Pongstorn Limanon) from Base studio as a project director, AJ. Jo as an interactive programer and Apostrophy's as a co-creative and architect group.

Monday, July 7, 2008

'S PUBLICATION 2007-2008

'S in publication 2007-2008 thank for daybeds, art4d, ductstore, bioscope & fuse, wallpaper, new web pick and frame magazine

'S NEW HOME/ In front of

1/3 (one in three) RCA row house has been tranformed into a new mini working house.(1st floor/minipop record, 2nd floor/magenta design/3rd floor/Apostrophy's) ohhhh..... It looks like a boutique from outside!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


'S NEW HOME and 'S working station (4 units in one office) , our hobby " 'S robot "


My students were visiting 'S's new home (on sundays, 22 th and 29th june, 2008) and 'S Staffs were also giving the students comments on their projects (subject : ar 215 - dwelling unit class, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Thammasat university)