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Monday, June 28, 2010

'S working on iPad game for Matching and Mixing Hennessy

Organizer, Spicydisc, gave us an exciting opportunity to work on a new game for Hennessy very special by Diageo moet hennessy Ltd.(Thailand). We got 6 iPads from the client to make a new application. It's Card Matching game but not a traditional one. You have to mix and match the right bottle and the right mixer in 12 seconds!!Want to PLAY??? Join the exclusive club sponsored by Hennessy. DON't hesitate! It's on for only 3 months!!! Try out and see if you can WIN!

'S Designing DESIGNITI | The Charity Grand Opening & Exhibition@Siam Center

One of our latest exhibitions at Siam center, in front of Mob-f has now launched. It is an exhibition space designed for DESIGNITI | The Charity Grand Opening &amp. 27 models with 10 different postures are placed throughout the area for showing the first collection from Designiti, the online T-shirt community. The details of price tags are used for showing a description for each design and artist. Silk screening technique is used on cotton fabric for explaining the printing techniques that are most used in the market. It is a mixture of fashion and knowledge as the information of the production is merged into the exhibition. The visitors can look at the design, fashion while also fast get the knowledge about printing techniques. Now the qustions are... What is Display? What is Exhibition? Let's find an answer at Siam Center. The lighting and the whole environment is Orange. It's coo!! Join for being part of the online T-shirt community and checking the newest t-shirt designs.

'S designing DESIGNITI | The Charity Grand Opening & Exhibition : Work in progress

Our team working on DESIGNITI | The Charity Grand Opening & Exhibition in process of silk screen technique and alternative style. This project is launch new website about T-shirt from various designer and a technology of silk screen. Previous, project has been moving away from political events. Now we are ready for show!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Again With Dtac Memolight wall (Jamjuree Square)

Ok, to keep you updated about our DTAC screen, at Jamjuree square, we are now changing the graphics and messages on the screen to connect with more people! So come check it out soon! Also, don't forget to keep the old stuff in your's really changing!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Diamond Tile Pavilion @ Architect expo(ASA)2010 And 1st Prize of All of Design Award

The Diamond Tile Mobile Pavilion was participating in the Architecture Fair 2010, to promote the brand Diamond Tiles and its products. Since the company is a company for roof tiles, the idea of using the character of being DIAMOND TILES was used to express the look of it and promote the brand. When the tiles are connected to each other, there are spaces in between that the light can come out and make them shine, like being a real diamond. The facade was made of screen cardboard papers, and were hung up on the structure. The lighting patterns were designed to change every 5 minuets also to make the space look more special and shine. Congratulations to Apostrophy's team and everybody involved in this project for getting 1st Prize of All of design from The Association of Siamese Architects Under Royal Patronage. Thank you everyone for very hard working. All the structures are now being moved to Chiangmai to display the products in their new showroom. Coming really really soon!