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Friday, May 8, 2009

Gold label Reserved Slide-Slot-Machine Game

"A Gold Label Reserved Slide-Slot Machine Game." Apostrophy's The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd and Spicydise Co.,Ltd are team up to design for game programing and covered design. The game programing is runing on Adobe Flash 8. The game interface simulate from slot machine game in casino. The cover design is for decorate a taplet PC like a glass box. If a light is turn on in the dark, a box will glow like a gold for pretty or mc can held it to move around pub and restaurant.

gold label slot machine game from supers on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

B.E.A.M Robotics 'S version

Apostrophy'S present B.E.A.M Robotics series. Switcher Sapiens, Motorize Sapiens, Managtic Sapiens, and Solar Sapiens.

Biology Electronic Aesthetic Mechanic or BEAM Robot is small robot produced from electronic recycle material. There are four items with various interactive functions as magnetic, switcher, motorize, solar cell and glow in the dark.

The word "beam" in BEAM robotics is an acronym for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. This is a term that refers to a style of robotics that primarily uses simple analogue circuits, such as comparators, instead of a microprocessor in order to produce an unusually simple design (in comparison to traditional mobile robots) that trades flexibility for robustness and efficiency in performing the task for which it was designed. Exceptions to the convention of using only analog electronics do exist and these are often colloquially referred to as "mutants".
The basic BEAM principles focus on a stimulus-response based ability within a machine. The underlying mechanism was invented by Mark W. Tilden where the circuit (or a Nv net of Nv neurons) is used to simulate biological neuron behaviours. Some similar research was previously done by Ed Rietman in 'Experiments In Artificial Neural Networks'. Tilden's circuit is often compared to a shift register, but with several important features making it a useful circuit in a mobile robot.
Other rules that are included (and to varying degrees applied):

1.Use the lowest number possible of electronic elements (
"keep it simple")
Recycle and reuse technoscrap
radiant energy (such as solar power)

B.E.A.M. robotic from supers on Vimeo.

SM(B)S in Minimart Project at ART4D Booth

DESIGNED BY Apostrophy's the Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd
Concept & Product details : SM(B)S is "Short message (in the bottle) service that design team inspired by solar energy concept. The machine will collect energy from the sun then at night message, brightness and heat will appear.
Now on sale at Minimart Project at ART4D Booth/ASA 52 Challenger Hall Muengtongthani Bangkok. Made in Thailand
CC : Some Right Reserve by Apostrophy's !!!!

sm(b)s from supers on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Day in REDioactive Songkran Festival@Kad Suan Kaew Chiangmai : Work in progress

More than 4 mouth. Apostrophy's The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd (Event/Stage Design + Water system/Lighting Design) and AV Group (AV project(Organizer) & AV system Co.,Ltd) were work together from Pitching to final event date. REDioactive Songkran Festival at Kad Suan Kaew Chiangmai is non-algohol event. In a concept "Adventure in a glass".We choose a water resist material, which is transparent like a glass call "PARE-YANG" or a life buoy ,on a top of stage for protect from sunlight and for a light pass through a red PARE-YANG. So, all visible in red.

PARE-YANG is used to decorate like "a bunker" in VIP zone, DJ zone, OB zone. It's like a base for the celebrities seperate from people.

About 500 Lom Bor Sarng(Local Umbrella) bring to covering all area for protect people from the sunlight in a very hot summer. Otherwise,We bring a local culture for this project. After a festival all umbrella are distribute to a pub,resturant and Shop with sponsored by JohnnieWalker Red Label.
A water system is hide on a roof network to squirt people below. It can control a value for a squirt pattern.

3 Day in REDioactive Songkran Festival@Kad Suan Kaew Chiangmai : Work in progress

3 Day in REDioactive Songkran Festival with 3 Red artist (Potato, Titanium, Groove rider) and 3 Red celebrity (Yardtip rajaparn ,Katae Suputsorn and Ice)

3 Day in REDioactive Songkran Festival@Kad Suan Kaew Chiangmai : Work in progress

2 Day (Work in progress) before REDioactive Songkran festival event date at Kad Suan Kaew Chiangmai. very wet very hard time for our 'S and Av team. Thank every one for work and play hard.