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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art4d Pavilion feature on Art4d magazine issue 173 august 10


art4d pavilion on art4d magazine. Check out the making of art4d pavillion in Thailand architecture expo 2010 here in art4d latest issue. Check out more information from just buying the issue and get the QRs from the page!  

Dtac Disco 39/42 a day in a life with 3G

We're colloaborate with NUKE communication to do a new exhibition project. It's dtac disco 3942 in 3.9G thailand Human DNA at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.A booth is about 3.9G technology for the lifestyle future. A content about a day in a life,when you wake up till you sleep.Presented by a newest mobile technology and new application about newspaper(live! news thairath application), tv show(live! tv on demand), searching a cool place(live! varity by happening), game on mobile(live! game by happy game room), home security(live! guard), checking yourself(live! lifestyle),  music catalogue (live! music by digital music), gameshow(live! show by dtac got clever). The exhibition concept is from future from and future construction by fast architecture technique  to build this exhibition because we have 2 days for set up. no construction on site just move it to here!!!

Dtac Disco 39/42 a day in a life with 3G (Work in progress)

Construction phase, the workers were working overnight for the construction to be ready for the very short set up period that we had.

Testing how the effect of threads would look like. Checking what the gap width and how the joint should be, to make the whole structure easy to be set up and as fast as we could.
The studied models, testing how the construction with good compositions would look like!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

'S Welcome !! The New Challengers..

'S Welcome!!! The New Challenger... 
Exhibition/Event Designer,Motion Graphic Designer, Interior Designer,Account Executive. Send your CV and Portfolio to 21/66 RCA Block C Rama9 Bangkapi Hui-kwang  BKK 10310 or by E-mail, TEL: 089-121-8205 Join us!!!!