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Sunday, December 28, 2008

'S in WALLPAPER december 2008

'S in WALLPAPER magazine issue December 2008

Wallpaper Magazine Thailand is public Creative spark feature which talking about ploy seng festival at tcdc. Apostrophy's has selected are the one in the 30 team from 9 high qualification comittee.

Thanks to WALLPAPER Thailand for the opportunity.

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krungthep 226 Exibition at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

KRUNGTHEP 226, Dream Bkk zone
From 4 architect new generation teams;
ThisDesign, Apostrophy'S, phd Studio and S+PBA
to generate a future bangkok in the next 72 years from their imaginations to a model (size 100cm.x100cm.). And choose 4 stick together sites; DinDang, Anusawareechai samoraphum, Siamsquare and Klong-toey.
Krungthep porkpluak
Apostrophy'S concept is Bangkok Unwarp (Krungthep porkpluak) as we want to show a Future Bangkok Infrastructure what is super-imposed from past to present. The model is make of useless eletronic component, old mainboards, wires, electronic circuit and LED bulb to be THE PLUG FIELD.
It's interact human to play by /on/off/ link/unlink/ connect/disconnect/ bangkok infrastructure and for express their different opinion in politic, social and culture in the present.

krungthep 226 Exibition at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is showcasing a slice of Bangkok's past, present and future through works of art. The exhibition, on until February 15 of next year, takes us back to 1782 when Bangkok was officially established as a new capital, through a journey of time. It is an opportunity for fellow Bangkokians and historical enthusiasts alike to see and learn more about the history of the city itself, as reflected in art pieces created since the dawn of Bangkok. The exhibition illustrates how a group of artists view the city at present and how they envision the city to look like in the future.

Krungthep 226 is an attempt to explore and disclose how Bangkok has physically and spiritually changed since its establishment, as recorded by artists in their artworks. The event is comprised of two major parts: Visual art and related activities

The visual art exhibition consists of four zones occupying the gallery space (7th and 8th Floor). The four zones are: Bangkok's Early Days, Modernised Bangkok versus Nostalgic Past, New Bangkok Skyline and Dream Bangkok.

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre exhibition is open from 10am to 9pm (closed on Mondays). Visit for more details.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

ABM : Automatic Beauty machine in Perishable Beauty AT TCDC

ABM (Automatic Beauty Machine) is equipment for a cosmatic surgery simulation. By a credit card, you can pay for it. Instructions
1. Swipe your Auto Beauty Credit Card to start the program 2. Choose as many cosmatic surgery procedures as you like 3. wait for the result " The Slip"
This project is a collaboration work between B.U.G studio and Apostrophy's (creative, design and interactive system)
Thank you for article and look forward to

ABM : Automatic Beauty machine in Perishable Beauty AT TCDC

ABM from ko apostrophys on Vimeo.

ABM : Automatic Beauty machine in Perishable Beauty AT TCDC

Perishable Beauty The exhibition that will die… before your very eyes
Anti-aging creams, cosmetic surgery, Botox injection, fitness centers, or even state-of-the-art stem cell technology – all are businesses that thrive on our struggle to conquer impermanence. Many of us are willing to spend without limit just to stay eternally young and attractive, which makes impermanence a business motif that creates unending propulsion to our economy with sizable, year-round turnover. Statistics reveal that at least 11 trillion baht is spent globally each year on beauty nourishment and efforts to overcome the flux of our bodily appearance – a value that matches

ABM : Automatic Beauty machine in Perishable Beauty AT TCDC

ABM : Automatic Beauty machine in Perishable Beauty AT TCDC.