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Thursday, November 11, 2010

PD Radio Concert

This project, we were responsible for design & constructionIn terms of function such as press conference, after party, stage dynamic, represent DJ as a fashion show, world famous artists, etc., 'S work in construction part, lighting part, motion graphic part and sequence of the shows. All processes must suit to paramount wording “the Phenomenon of new radio waves grand opening”, possibly mentioned that this was truly ‘S CUSTOM MADE project.
In construction part,this is the event, big event. Few challengeable briefs with less production lead time, we brainstormed and decided to applied “Fast Architecture” for this project, we turned our idealist into the experiment, turned our experiment result into real construction, by using TRUSS & WIRE, combined with design and ‘S-gimmick-added style, and finally became “INSTALLATION ART”.
In lighting part,‘S gimmick-added style always make some surprise by blended with our construction part, that installation. Much more than catching the light, turning white wire into multi colour wire, our “LIGHTING SCENE DESIGN” made the atmosphere and installation to be extremely zestful.
In motion graphic partMotion graphic were another seasoning part for this concert, each motion was especially created for each show. Each artist, song, and show had their own fascinating uniqueness for picking up to be our motion graphic contents.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thailand Fashion Expo 2010

Thailand Fashion Expo 2010, (F)ashion (A)rt (M)usic for (E)cology, anothor biggest fashion show of the year 2010, Apostrophy's was responsible in terms of mapping projection for this show.The concept of the event is greenhouse. So, we use a transparent canvas to enfold a rooftop structure. The first we work on mapping projection to create the environment and made the difference atmosphere for each fashion show. And the construction that we use the transparent canvas, when we work mapping projection on the canvas, all the audiences also inside and outside can see. 

Thailand Fashion Expo and Fame Fashion week
Project Commission : AV Project
Pavilion Design : Embassy Co.,Ltd.
Art & Visual Director : 
Apostrophy'S The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Technical Supervisor : Apostrophy'S The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Motion Graphic Designer : Apostrophy's + Eye Dropper Fill