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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thailand Fashion Expo 2010

Thailand Fashion Expo 2010, (F)ashion (A)rt (M)usic for (E)cology, anothor biggest fashion show of the year 2010, Apostrophy's was responsible in terms of mapping projection for this show.The concept of the event is greenhouse. So, we use a transparent canvas to enfold a rooftop structure. The first we work on mapping projection to create the environment and made the difference atmosphere for each fashion show. And the construction that we use the transparent canvas, when we work mapping projection on the canvas, all the audiences also inside and outside can see. 

Thailand Fashion Expo and Fame Fashion week
Project Commission : AV Project
Pavilion Design : Embassy Co.,Ltd.
Art & Visual Director : 
Apostrophy'S The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Technical Supervisor : Apostrophy'S The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Motion Graphic Designer : Apostrophy's + Eye Dropper Fill

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