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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

'S in Creative event International book with Zaha hadid and PTW architect/Barcelon Spain

Update news !! Very congratuation to Apostrophy's. We're on Creative events published by Links international from Bacelona, Spain. This book have a lot of world influential designer i.e. Zaha Hadid, 3deluxe, Exyzt, Ball-Nogues Studio, Haque Design + Research, Brad Pitt + Graft, Mass Studies + realities:united, kubik inc. , PTW Architects etc. 2 Projects are including Coke Pavillion and Tiger translate finale 2009.

'S Publication October 2009 - January 2010

'S in publication October 2009 - January 2010. Congratulations to Apostrophy's We're on Computer arts Thai edition for "The Next big things" of thailand Young designers. who are upcoming in the near future.

We're on Art4d issue 166 in "Bkk Design Festival report" for Creative city KM0 Project. and Creative Thailand free Magazine(Kid) for "Creative Entrepreneur"
Thank you for Computer arts, art4d and Creative thailand magazine for publishing.

Emailing Photo Trying Room @ Another.F.C.K

Our module Hi-pic is in AFCK(Another FCK shop). Costomers can take a photo and send it to their email and show on screen. Instructions 1. touch a screen on camera icon to start the program 2. touch on an icon to start. 3. Waiting 5 second. 4. Set up your pose. 5. input phone number to log in to database 6. choose picture for send email or send to slideshow on screen. on check 8. input email address and click send. 9. check your mail!!

Emailing Photo Trying Room @ Another.F.C.K

Another F.C.K from supers on Vimeo.

Red label Redioactive Generation 2010/Interactive Laser game and Define you self game

We are working on trade event "Redioactive generation". We team up with AV Project co.,ltd. and Embassy studio co.,ltd. Our work is design interactive installation and programming for red fortune teller(define yourself game), register game(database system), Interactive laser game(escape from red laser and go through exit for a prize) and Red VTR motion graphic(change a portrait people who has come to red generation every event) . Let's define yourself!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LEVI 'S INDIGO Triangle Stage

LEVI 'S INDIGO Triangle Stage . We are simulate logo form to triangle fashion show stage. And create out line by LED tubes. 3 dimensional Motion graphic in 3 corners screen and collaborate with Ohh Futon. Design Direction and Lighting Programming by Apostrophy's The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd. Organize by Kool Solution Co.,ltd.