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Friday, November 27, 2009

Groove rider Electric eel Concert

21/11/2009 Apostrophy's The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd (Creative & Art director, Stage design + Lighting design /Lighting Performace/Vj) and Verb (Organizer), Spicydise(Artist), AV group (Production organizer) were work together in Balentine Impression Tour by Groove Rider Electric eel party concert @ Centara Grand and convention center Central world Bkk. In concept E-RETRO (Electronic + Retrospective) We are re-meaning a retro symbolic "mirror ball" or "Chandelier" by using present technology equipment compose like a mirror ball form. We use a lighting equipment ex. moving head, LED tube, fluoresent light.Thank you for everyone for coming.

Groove rider Electric eel Concert in Progress

Groove riders Electric eel concert reel


Real time thermo-scan and 3D Mapping Projection again at DEMO "Are you still alive?"

Apostrophy's The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.(Hard/Software Programming + Vjing) teamed up with Farmgroup Co.,Ltd. (Organize+event design) for working in grand opening event of "demo" an exclusive night club spinning all kinds of electronic and nu-disco stuffs in concept "Are you still Alive?". that the building is dead during the day and become awaken alive in night time bythe electronic musics.

We develop a real-time thermo-scan camera systems to capture and project the temperature of the guests onto the facade of the building showing how "alive" the people who attended the event was. We ware given the opportunity for making 3D architecture Mapping projection onto the facade again. in this time we can project all building facade yeah!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Farmgroup for good experience.

Real time thermo-scan and 3D Mapping Projection again at DEMO "Are you still alive?"

DEMO GRAND OPENING from supers on Vimeo.

IMAGINE by Bangkok University/Creative University Work in Progress.

IMAGINE by Bangkok University/Creative University

7-8 November 2009, Fat festival 9, Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani. We are design a new exhibition, imagine by Bangkok university one of main sponsor, again in this big music festival. Our concept is tried everyone to explode their idea by "filling in the blank" on paper roll, a book, a postcard with a manual device tools ie. a color pen, lipstick, a stamp, a piece of fashion book, sticker, charcoal. Our design concept is look like a creative factory of idea. This booth is one of our manual working system. thanks for join!!!