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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SCG Chemical/Dow/Tcp pavillion in TIPREX at BITEC Bkk.

Apostrophy's is design SCG Chemical/Dow/Tcp pavillion. We were involved in the whole process from creative, pavillion design, exibition design, etc and 4 installation art are make from SCG special plastic product. We were also join by Momentum(Organizer) from macan world group Co.,Ltd. SCG Chemical/Dow/Tcp pavilion is one of the most exciting booths in TIPREX 2009 (Thai International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition) at BITEC, Bangkok.but perspective drawing have something change in real. Thanks everyone for coming

Saturday, September 26, 2009

'S in Publication August-September 2009

'S in publication August-September 2009.Congratulations to Apostrophy's We're on Wallpaper Thai edition 4 th Anniversary issue 48 for "New creative elite" of thailand creative economy who can shape the future of this country. 'S was placed in Multidisciplinary designer category with Design Lab and Embrassy Studio..
Apostrophy's We're on Art4d issue 162 in "Love is in the air" for Air bush project Thank you for wallpaper art4d for publishing.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Interactive directory floor in THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT exibition

Apostrophy's the Systhesis Server Co.,Ltd are interactive design of the exibition for THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.Team up with AV system(Equipment).
Interactive directory floor. It's not just a ordinary floor, When a foot tracking with series of IR sensor on a floor then system will computing to show a different of data about THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT work and activity same as official directory bord.

MTV and Heineken green space one world party

Apostrophy's the Systhesis Server Co.,Ltd are visual design for the concert for Heineken green space one world party campaign at centara (central world plaza). Team up with Kiss entertainment (Organizer). Many artist has join in this concert such as (Tahiti80, Brand new heavies, Groove riders and more)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

'S in Ployseng 4 and Laser cut robot standy showcase at TCDC

'S come back again in Ploy Saeng 4 exhibition organized by TCDC. (emporium bkk thailand in 9/9 -27/9 2009) 'S Beam robotics and Laser cut robot standy showcase are Rerearch and Developement gadget of Apostrophy's The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.

'S in Ployseng 4 and Laser cut robot standy showcase at TCDC

Our latest work on PloySaeng 4 with 2 new released a spi(li)der bot and gyrobot.
Spi(li)der bot can climb a robe with any handycab. Gyrobot can fly like a helicopter.
You can see how it's work in our reel. Let's goooooo!!!!

PLOY SAENG 4 from supers on Vimeo.