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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Diamond Tile Pavilion @ Architect expo(ASA)2010 And 1st Prize of All of Design Award

The Diamond Tile Mobile Pavilion was participating in the Architecture Fair 2010, to promote the brand Diamond Tiles and its products. Since the company is a company for roof tiles, the idea of using the character of being DIAMOND TILES was used to express the look of it and promote the brand. When the tiles are connected to each other, there are spaces in between that the light can come out and make them shine, like being a real diamond. The facade was made of screen cardboard papers, and were hung up on the structure. The lighting patterns were designed to change every 5 minuets also to make the space look more special and shine. Congratulations to Apostrophy's team and everybody involved in this project for getting 1st Prize of All of design from The Association of Siamese Architects Under Royal Patronage. Thank you everyone for very hard working. All the structures are now being moved to Chiangmai to display the products in their new showroom. Coming really really soon!

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