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Monday, June 28, 2010

'S Designing DESIGNITI | The Charity Grand Opening & Exhibition@Siam Center

One of our latest exhibitions at Siam center, in front of Mob-f has now launched. It is an exhibition space designed for DESIGNITI | The Charity Grand Opening &amp. 27 models with 10 different postures are placed throughout the area for showing the first collection from Designiti, the online T-shirt community. The details of price tags are used for showing a description for each design and artist. Silk screening technique is used on cotton fabric for explaining the printing techniques that are most used in the market. It is a mixture of fashion and knowledge as the information of the production is merged into the exhibition. The visitors can look at the design, fashion while also fast get the knowledge about printing techniques. Now the qustions are... What is Display? What is Exhibition? Let's find an answer at Siam Center. The lighting and the whole environment is Orange. It's coo!! Join for being part of the online T-shirt community and checking the newest t-shirt designs.

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