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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PD Showtime present K-POP Charity Part2

PD Showtime April Fest : K-Pop Charity Part2 @ Impact Arena 
This is the second time for this concert, on 29 April at BITEC. From the place transformed into a seat on the plane. We still use the same stage, but we add the new design the chandelier by plywood in  front of the stage to create a sense of impact to the audiences. From the first time, mapping projector in the Backdrop of a problem in lighting interference,so we move it to in front of the stage in a part of chandelier. And we add more the field of display on the stage by LED screen and lighting design for create the special gimmick
Client : PD Creation Co.,Ltd.
Creative & Design Director : Apostrophy's The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Lighting & Visual Director : Apostrophy's  The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Motion graphic designer : Apostrophy's + Studio craftsmanship Co.,Ltd.

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atom said...

The very high fashion look good.

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