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Monday, June 20, 2011

Khon Kaen Countdown Festival(Peesang) 2010

Khon Kaen Party Peesang Countdown 2011 was held between the night of 31st December 2010 to 1st January 2011 for celebrate New Year in the Khon Kean city.

The idea of ‘Peesang’ Lighting Festival which means a ‘Light-year’ festival to make it into the ‘year of lights’ and express that the city is now ‘moving fast' and moreover, it was still very important to keep the characteristics of being ‘northeastern’ while making it into the city of lights.We were in charged in the creativedesign consulting, and construction management in most of the festival area, which was approximately 1 for all of the festival area. 

The festival turned into a very crowded place, from late afternoon of 31st till the next morning. The people of Khon Kaen and the provinces nearby came to this count down party to celebrate. The number of people on that night jumped to over 200,000 which was considered to be one of the biggest city count down festivals of the country.
The event generic idea then developed into different types of lighting festival spaces which had their own characteristics where visitors could remember as the dancing lighting landmarks, using local materials and products such as Kratibs (sticky rice boxes), bamboo mats etc. into new design to express and help create new specific lighting patterns. The process of getting materials went through the very tough part when the design team was travelling into rural areas to find the people who could produce the ‘Kratib’ into specific types of lamps and other materials for the event as the project also aimed to support the local wisdom and business. The result turned out that the local could only produce some new details for the new designs, as they needed more time to develop the products, causing the design team to blend in some other construction details to help with finishing the new products for this festival in time.

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