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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OdMEx house by Apostrophy's

The “House Prototype” Design competition for “Baanlaesaun Fair 2011” host by Baanlaesaun Magazine, For this year Apostrophy’s the synthesis server, Thai multi-disciplinary design firm presented “OdMEx house” the integration of O.D.M. (Outdoor Media), the representative of “Capitalism” and “House” the basic need of human being.
The aim of OdMEx house is to share the benefit of O.D.M. which can categorize into 3 users
1. Client – is the tenant who wants to rent an effective media with in-expensive price, as well as the variety of O.D.M platform and location.
2. OdMEx Agency – is the coordinator between Client and Owner dweller who collect the information for advertisement and facilitate the owner dweller.
3. Owner dweller – is the dweller who wants to have the extra income from the advertising rent, and the flexibility of OdMEx house, that can response or change the owner’s life style.
The main component of standard OdMEx house is composed by a trailer base as a moveable base, parking, multipurpose area and the special feature is movable garden. Next one is a trivision billboard platform as a main living area. For the first side of its façade is composed with trivision billboard. It can change the image on both sides that make it as a kinetic façade. For another side is composed by Thai style blending iron which normally found in house of a big city. This blending iron can be moved and create a different pattern. And the last one on  the top is covered with solar cell roof as a main energy source for the house.

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