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Monday, May 17, 2010

Art4d Pavilion Behine The Scene

Working through the night....
We were marking out the column spots and sewing lines.

1:25 model

Testing how it would look like inside...

Trying different types of fabric...

1:10 model
Measuring the sewing lines. Preparing for CAD drawing.

Sewing at our 'S studio!

Real sewing

First day testing on the real site.

Lighting details. Some people said they looked like angels in a cartoon!

Our sticking the stickers team! Thanks to you all, the students from school of architecture, Thamasart University.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone from art4d, P Mong, P Pratarn, P Tee, P God, P Hom, P Surat and everyone who supported us all the way, P Nee, our sewing lady, P Tong and Nong Key, our professional photographers.

And very important, all 'S members for being part of this very HARD WORK!
Thank you thank you!

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