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Thursday, May 27, 2010

4d Pillow in 4d Pavillion ASA 2010

Have you ever thought about a pillow turning into a bed, sofa, sleeping bag or many different things? 4d pillow is developed from a normal 16”x16” pillow where we can get from a local shopping place. The pillows are sewn with a hook and loop fasteners on each side – 2 hooks and 2 loops. This makes it easy to expand the size of the pillow by using more pillows sticking to one another. When it gets big enough ,it looks like a chocolate bar and can be folded and creates different forms for different functions.

The pillowcase is separated from the pillow itself. So it can be taken out and washed easily. For the big ones, 4 big pillows are connected to each other by sewing, with the hook and loop fasteners around them. So now, are you ready to create your own pillow into something fun and more dimensions with us!

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