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Monday, May 17, 2010

Art4d Pavilion @ ASA2010 (Architect expo in Bangkok)

Back to the old times, we were playing underneath a blanket to create our own personal space. This playing character is called ‘Pee Pa Home’ in Thai which means Ghost Blanket. It is a fun kind of inspiration brought into the space. By covering ourselves with a blanket, it creates a closed private area which its form is changed while we move. From this, the closed area was brought into creating a place for the public to meet the basic function of the pavilion which is to sell art4d magazines, by bringing many closed private ones underneath a single surface.

Setting up Diagram.

Top view, from the CATWALK!

The details of the whole structure were considered based on the very limited production and setting up time. For examples, the huge zips are used as doors and windows to create an approach and airflow of the space, they were sewed on the fabric from the sewing shop, the bag joints were used to connect the fabric to the floor. All the details are very easy to fine and very adaptive.

The fabric worked as a medium of this fun moving space. It forced the audience to squeeze into the space, sit down, relax and create new communities underneath this single surface. The visitors could choose and create their own circle of dialogue.

2 days later, it became the kids' favourite space!

The area consists of 5 different zones which are;

  1. (R)ead is a space for reading and choosing which is to buy.
  2. (R)est is a spaces for resting, sitting, lying and sleeping. The 4d pillows are put in this space. The form of it allows the people to adjust its size for sitting and sleeping.
  3. D(R)ink is a space for making and drinking coffee. A coffee machine is put there. Anyone can drink.
  4. T(R)ade is space for paying. Magazines or books are paid here.
  5. Pleasu(R)e is a space for kids to play, run around while their parents are buying the magazines.

1 comment:

dinah verleun said...

The choice of using green materials such as tires and boxes seems to "re-educate" kids about environment-friendly. Exccelent!