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Monday, April 7, 2008


Max Day : Digital Can Touch is a concept of an event that has an objective to promote Digital music in order to make it more approachable to people. It's going to be held in front of Siam Discovery Shopping Center on 17th May 2008.
The Neon structure has been experimented to interact with people while walking into the concert inside this event.

Max Day : It's NOT a SPIDER WEB, it's a NEON WEB!!!!!

If it's called "SPIDER WEB" which 2K Pitak team (construction suplier team) are "SPIDER MAN " !!!!! Thank you for p'pitak, p' joe p' nim Lightsource and his/her stronger team

APOSTROPHY'S just completed production of MAX DAY by FM. MAX radio 94.5 mhz (Skyhigh network Co.,Ltd). on 17.MAY.08 at Siam Discovery Plaza, BKK. We were involved in the whole process from creative, stage design,Lighting design, Interactive Installation, visual graphic Vj and Lj (lighting jocky) perform. SPIDER WEB in the real world !!!! Thank p' note p' art p' hyun and every one who make it real

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