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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Crack 2 , Artistic Flowers in the Park is an art event supported by Jitasa organization and MorMor organization which was held from 14th Feb until 14th March 2008 at Benjasiri park.
The event was full of art pieces created by invited and interested artists and were used as flowers in the park.

The theme of this event is “Giving without any conditions”. One of our Apostrophy’S members, Kasama Yamtree, took part in this event as well. Her art piece was a painting telling a story of changes of “smiles” from the past to the present by showing routes of smiles from the past to the present and how easy and difficult it is to get smiles. It is something that she would like to present to emphasize and remind people of how things are changed and affected our lives. “Smiling is something that you can give to others very easily. It’s already at your mouth. You don’t have to buy just to get smiles”, she said.

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