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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'S present " Air Brush" project @ Love is hear Concert Scala

Love is hear Concert at Scala theater Siamsquare.
For The First time in Thailand, the hearing impaired are getting a chance to interact with pop stars in a concert. "It's a relatively new phenomenon but the good news is that today,the hearing im paired can enjoy music performance just people with normal hearing." (Artical from The nation 8/07/2009)
Love is hear concert have kindly invited Apostrophy's to using new media and Tabgible use interface(TUI) to interpret the percussion band(artist name"Exotic) to synchonise the instumwnts with "Air Brush" project that use wiimote and IR sensor are embleded in "black gloves" . The magic gloves make to user can drawing in the air and interact with visual Screen which generate by processing scripting.
(Thank you to Johnny Chung Lee for opensource and inspiration.)
See more detail at official website

Love is hear from supers on Vimeo.


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